Beneficiaries of Cowpea seed during distribution

SSLLP’s karonga Intergrated Community and Livelihood Project (funded by Bothar) continues to make a difference in many poor peoples lives in some rural communities and has, since 2017, has been distributing cassava and sweet potato cultivars. One of the core aims of the project is to improve the nutrition status and elevate the levels of food security for different households. As one way of ensuring household achieve food security for the poor and vulnerable people in the district, SSLLP has reached out to poor households in the year 2019 by distributing cowpea seed to over 700 families. The families were given seed enough for 0.4 hectares (1 acre) so that they can plant on their pieces of land. Cowpeas are crops that thrive in poor dry conditions and survive extreme weather conditions. They can grow well in soils where not many other crops can do well and they compliment other crops by ensuring high food production and family nutrition without competing for land and other resources. The crop is a affordable source of protein and has the ability to improve the soil health as it nodulates profusely, leaving Nitrogen in the soil even after they have been harvested.
The seed which have been distributed, when ready, will help many households in reducing hunger and improve household dietary diversity levels and also reduce malnutrition thus, keeping households healthy and free from diseases. The cowpeas will also be beneficial to livestock around households because cowpeas make hay or forage of the highest feed value. The project continues to support poor households by ensuring that they are food secure and resilient to shocks that puts them at risk of dying with hunger.

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