Our success story: Morris Mwenempiki
Morris received a dairy cow from SSLLP on 7 November 2007. This dairy cow calved five times, 3 bulls and 2 heifers. The money she got from selling her bulls helped her a great deal, Morris bought a piece of land at the Boma with this money and built a house, she also bought an Oxcart with the money.
The first female offspring was passed on to another farmer to ensure the continuity of the project, and this offspring (the pass on gift) calved three times. The other female offspring is in her kraal and has an offspring in the same kraal. Morris uses the milk she gets from her cow for consumption within the household thus providing the family with essential nutrients mainly protein. The dairy cow also brings in cash to the household from the milk sales, this money has contributed to helping Morris support her household and children. The manure the cattle provide is also important for her because it is used in her field to boost fertility in the soil.

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