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Please take the time to have a look around our site. There is a surprising amount of information here and we are adding to it bit by bit. There are our own documents for download and we are proud to be as generous as we can in making these freely available to you. For instance, the entire publication "Training Notes for Community Animal Health Workers" is here, together with a host of other technical and statistical information relevant to the smallholder livestock sector in Malawi.

There is of course a huge amount of material elsewhere on the internet and so we have prepared a selection of links to what we consider some of our most useful reference sources. We hope you agree.

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Training resources, water and sanitation, sectoral analysis, project design
Procurement of live animals
Supply of high quality dairy semen
Training resources, water and sanitation, sectoral analysis, project design


Under its development programs, SSLLP develops and conducts training courses on a range of topics at levels from community based animal health workers up to technical officer level.

small_p1000942.jpg SSLLP has a strong interest in water and sanitation with particular emphasis on the smallholder livestock sector and the impacts of climate change. With this in mind, it has links with other institutions such as the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development, and specific ties with local experts working in the water and sanitation sector. SSLLP collaborates with Mr Oswald Mwamsamali who has a wealth of experience in issues related to water resources management, and who has a particular interest in rainwater harvesting and conservation in Malawi as well as community based adaptation to climate change. Another collaborating partner is Mr Douglas Gondwe whose interests include integrated water resources management and sustainable water resources management.

SSLLP is also very well placed to make analyses and assessments of various aspects of the livestock sector in Malawi. SSLLP is keen to make its experience and expertise more widely available to partner institutions through training programs or specific advisory services in appropriate subject areas.

SSLLP would welcome enquiries on areas of technical training or consultation in the livestock field which might be of interest to other institutions.

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Procurement of live animals
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SSLLP has a wealth of experience in procurement and supply of live animals. We have imported dairy cattle from Ireland and several African countries, with an excellent record of care. We have also sourced and imported improved breeds of goats, both meat and milk breeds. We have capably managed the quarantine of many groups of imported animals. We also have considerable experience in the sourcing and distribution of local animals, including pigs, goats and poultry.

SSLLP offers services relating to the sourcing, procurement, quarantine and distribution of all classes of livestock in Malawi.

The story of purchase of live animals is often a sad saga of errors and misrepresentation. We know the many pitfalls and we know how to avoid them. If you require reliable services from an experienced operator, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Supply of high quality dairy semen

SSLLP has available a supply of high grade Holstein-Friesian dairy semen which we provide to customers in Malawi. This semen originates from tested high-grade bulls in Ireland. It has been used successfully in many of SSLLP's dairy projects.

Should you wish to purchase straws of this semen, please contact us.