SSLLP Malawi Dairy Development Programme (MDDP)

    • Projects

Since 2001, SSLLP has carried out various projects in support of smallholder dairy development in Malawi in the dairy cattle and dairy goats value chains. Highlights of our work with the MDDP include:

Carried out a 6 dairy projects in north, central and south Malawi where over 2,000farmers were supported with dairy cows and goats and capacity building services to develop their enterprises. to provide a detailed risk analysis and identify areas where agricultural insurance can mitigate climate risks faced by smallholder farmers;

  • Piloted and scaled pass-on programs as a model to multiply impacts of dairy development projects in resource constrained countries like Malawi. The approach has been widely adopted in most development projects in Malawi. Kenya (2017), Malawi (2019), Mozambique, Madagascar and Senegal (all in2020);
  • Established 2 dairy cooperatives; Mwera Mkaka Dairy Cooperative and Bua Dairy Cooperative while also supporting the establishment of 8 milk bulking groups in partnership with Heifer Project International, Bothar Ireland and the Ministry of Agriculture in Malawi.
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