Malawi Smallholder Dairy Development Project

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The project aimed assisting communities improve their livelihoods (income and nutrition) through Dairy production. project was implemented by SSLLP and Heifer Project International. The project aimed to directly benefit 611 smallholder farmers by distributing high-quality dairy heifers. 70% of project participants were women. The project directly benefited approximately 611 people in the 3-year life of the project. The goal of the project was to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in traditional authority Mlonyeni, Mchinji District. The objectives of this project were:

  • To increase income levels of smallholder farmers by promoting their transition into dairy farming.
  • To increase knowledge and adoption of appropriate systems that support dairy production.
  • To increase market access for smallholder dairy farmers.

Expected Project Results

  1. Farmers, particularly women, were trained in Heifer‟s values-based model for sustainable rural development.
  2. Farmers, particularly women, acquired skills in animal husbandry and milk production.
  3. Dairy animals were placed and the financial means for supporting dairy activities were in place.
  4. Higher milk yield and milk quality were achieved through both adopting improved technologies and building the capacity of project members.
  5. Farmer groups formalize the consolidation of an MBG to over see the development of a local dairy enterprise and establish a financial system to ensure sustained access to resources. vi. Local milk production is linked to external markets through the bulking of milk at an established cooling plant.
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