Malawi Livestock for Resilience Project

    SSLLP implemented this livestock for resilience project in two of the worst-hit districts in the country. The 2014-2015 rainy season saw Malawi being hit devastating flush floods that had terrible effects on human life and dignity. Livestock reared by rural
    households in the flood struck areas not speared.

    The project areas were Magoti Extension Planning area in Nsanje district and Mitole Extension Planning area in Chikhwawa district in southern Malawi. The overall goal of this project was to ensure sustainability of food security and poverty reduction through enhancing the resilience of rural livestock farming systems. Specifically, the project seeks to revive livestock small enterprises affected by climate change impacts such as the flush floods and also to enhance resilience and reduce vulnerability to effects of climate change in rural smallholder livestock farming systems. The main beneficiaries of the proposed project, were flood victims from the poorest segments of
    the community who raised livestock.

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