Integrated Smallholder Dairy Project

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The Project was initiated with the aim of assisting over 140 households address their food and income insecurity through owning of high class dairy cows. The project was designed in a way that only the first 70 original smallholder households assessed to be poor or keeping orphan or PLWAs would receive the original heifer cattle one each. After calving, the household would pass on to the next beneficiary a heifer calf once it attains 7 months and the procedure would go on and on until all the target house hold shave been covered.

The households derived befits ranging from direct cash to increased food production as a result of use of animal manure. Malnutrition has also reduced through consumption of milk. An average household participating in the project realized a monthly income of
MK100,000.00 after selling the milk. The project helped reduce malnutrition of children and the infected individuals through increased access to milk and milk products.

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