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Pat Boland Field Veterinary Officer
patsmall.jpg - Pat Boland

Pat Boland joined SSLLP in late 2008.

Pat is an Australian veterinarian with some 35 years of experience in a wide range of government veterinary services and livestock projects in Australia, Malawi, Mozambique and Indonesia. In the early 1990s, Pat spent four years as Divisional Veterinary Officer for Lilongwe Agricultural Development Division under a program funded by the Australian aid agency AusAID. He says that that period was one of the most rewarding of his career.

During an exploratory visit to Malawi in mid 2008, Pat liaised with several institutions on the scope for veterinary staff to assist with the critical skills shortage in Malawi's livestock industries. This later led to an assignment with SSLLP under the auspices of Australian Volunteers International.

Contact: Cell: +265-995-943 034