Our partners

SSLLP works with a wide range of partners with substantial support to date coming from a few agencies. However, SSLLP would certainly not be able to undertake its work without the good will, assistance and collaboration of a multitude of institutions and individuals. SSLLP acknowledges the valuable contributions made by these institutions.


Heifer International is a US based charity which has been distributing animals as a means of combating poverty since the 1940s. Heifer International in Malawi and neighbouring countries has supported SSLLP for several years through financial support for specific projects, through assistance with project design and implementation, and through significant in-kind support.


Bóthar is an Irish charity which specialises in livestock as a means of delivering aid. Bóthar has given significant support to SSLLP over several years through the provision of animals and through financial assistance for several of SSLLP's projects.


The Flemish International Cooperation Agency is focused on southern Africa. Bilaterally, FICA works with South Africa, Mozambique and Malawi. In 2009, FICA signed a memorandum of understanding with SSLLP for participation in the project "Support to agricultural extension training and services" scheduled to take place in the period 2009-2012.


Irish Aid is the Government of Ireland’s program of assistance to developing countries. It has a strong geographic focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Ireland’s initial support to Malawi started during the food security crisis in 2002. The Irish Government approved the opening a new Irish Embassy in Malawi in November 2007 and commenced the bilateral aid program. In 2010, Irish Aid supported SSLLP to establish an on-going program for vaccination of village chickens against Newcastle Disease at Malingunde, about 25 km outside Lilongwe.


Care Malawi is the Malawi country office of the international NGO, Care International. In 2009, SSLLP started a valuable collaboration with Care Malawi in the livestock components of its work in three districts, Lilongwe, Dowa and Ntchisi. This work was funded by the European Union.

Malawi Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

The Malawi Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and its subsidiaries constitute the backbone of extension services to agriculture nationally. SSLLP appreciates the good will and cooperation of the Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development and the various Agricultural Development Divisions in its work to assist in delivery of animal health and production services.


The Kyeema Foundation is an NGO based in Brisbane, Australia which, together with its subsidiary entity the International Rural Poultry Centre, has been working in Southern Africa for the past 20 years in support poultry health and production in the smallholder sector. SSLLP has collaborated with Kyeema through the provision of professional expertise to assist in reviewing Kyeema's activities both in Malawi and in several neighbouring countries.


Land O'Lakes is a large, US based agriculture and food company. SSLLP was a key partner for the early development of a dairy heifer distribution scheme undertaken by Land O'Lakes, Malawi, at locations in Lilongwe, Dedza and Mzimba districts. At a later stage, SSLLP and Land O'Lakes collaborated in further dairy development work which is now complete.


Cara Malawi is an Irish charity dedicated particularly to the economic and social development of Kaphuka village in Dedza District. SSLLP assisted Cara Malawi in the delivery of the livestock components of its wider development work.

Evangelical Lutheran Development Services Malawi

With financial assistance from Bóthar, ELDS engaged SSLLP to deliver the livestock components of an integrated livestock and bee keeping development project.


VIVA worked in collaboration with Bóthar to provide training and technical assistance to SSLLP extension officers. VIVA arranged for distribution of veterinary drug and equipment kits to officers at the culmination of training. Further collaboration with VIVA is likely as SSLLP expands its activities.

Vera McCulloch Women's Missionary Society
Knox, British Columbia

A small group in Canada has obtained support from this Society and has asked SSLLP to partner with the Mulanje Mission Hospital in the provision of dairy cows and dairy goats in the district. This work is still ongoing.


Total Land Care is a local Malawian NGO which specialises in agricultural and natural resource management programs. TLC has asked SSLLP to collaborate in the livestock components of some of its work on soil conservation and agro-forestry in Ntchisi district. TLC has more recently asked SSLLP to collaborate in the Kulera biodiversity project funded by USAID.


Australian Volunteers International (AVI) is the Australian agency responsible for placement of Australian volunteers in the Southern African region. Following an assessment of SSLLP in 2008, AVI placed a veterinarian, Dr Pat Boland, with the organisation for an initial two year period.

EU Public Works Programme

This EU supported program has asked SSLLP to assess the feasibility of incorporation of livestock activities as part of its income generating public works program.

logo_vetaid.png Vetaid was a Scottish charity which specialised in livestock, particularly in Mozambique. Some years ago, Vetaid teamed up with SSLLP in development of a proposal for livestock work in Malawi. While the Scottish base of Vetaid ceased trading in 2010, an arm based in Kenya has re-emerged. SSLLP is in a unique postition to collaborate with Vetaid should it consider any future work in Malawi.