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SSLLP farewells Chiukepo Luhanga and looks forward to the future

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SSLLP farewells Chiukepo Luhanga and looks forward to the future

These days, we staff of SSLLP are feeling at a loss over the recent departure of our friend and colleague Chiukepo Luhanga. Chiukepo has gone to Belgium where he is studying for a Masters degree.

Chiukepo first joined SSLLP as Training Coordinator in March 2009. He graduated from Bunda College in 2003 and served in the Ministry of Agriculture in the Lower Shire and Thyolo District. Always a strong team person, Chiukepo brought a keen sense of cohesion to SSLLP staff both at the headquarters and at the field level. His contribution to the progress and success of the organisation's work is widely acknowledged. His loss will be keenly felt.

We at SSLLP wish Chiukepo the very best in his endeavours.

In a separate development, SSLLP is pleased to be chosen as a key partner in the One cow per family project in Malawi.

This project is an element of the Presidential Initiative on Poverty and Hunger Reduction and targets 1 million smallholder farmers.

SSLLP, together with Heifer International Malawi and the Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development, is a partner in the implementation of the project. To date, 120 farmers have been trained in various aspects of dairy production and 50 dairy heifers have been imported and distributed. SSLLP is especially well placed to partner this project in the districts of Mzimba, Nkhata Bay, and Karonga, through its activities in Support to Livestock Extension and Training Services funded by the Flanders International Cooperation Agency (FICA).

For further information, please contact us.