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Changes in the SSLLP Board

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March 2012 - Changes in the SSLLP Board

SSLLP has a new Board of Directors. In accordance with the SSLLP constitution, there have been changes in the membership of the Board. The term of office for some Board members has reached its limit and new members have been elected to fill the consequential vacancies.

The ED with the new SSLLP Board:
Dr C B Chizonda, Mr C S Mwakasungula, Mr P Milanzi, Mr O K Mwamsamali,
Dr T N Gondwe, Mrs J Sakala, Mrs I Ottober (Absent: Dr B A R Chimera)

The new Board Chairperson is Mr Patrick Milanzi who works with Anderson Engineering as an electrical engineer specialising in cooling systems. Mr Milanzi replaces Dr C B Chizonda in the capacity of Chairperson.

New members on the Board include Dr B A R Chimera representing the Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development, Mrs M Kantchewa who is a senior accountant, Mr O K Mwamsamali who is experienced in water and sanitation, and Mrs J Sakala, a successful smallholder dairy farmer, who is representing small scale farmers.

Continuing members include Dr C B Chizonda, previous Permanent Secretary of the then Department of Water Development, Assoc Prof T N Gondwe, Head of the Animal Science Department at Bunda College of Agriculture, and Mrs I Ottober, a lawyer with a private practice, Lloyds and Associates.

Departing Board members include Dr D O Chinombo who had represented the Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development, Mrs A Msiska, a chartered accountant with the national roads authority, and Mr K Chigunde, a representative of small scale farmers.