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November(2) 2011 - SSLPP becomes SSLLP

SSLPP has a new name, the Small Scale Livestock and Livelihoods Program (SSLLP).


In late 2010, SSLPP convened a strategic review workshop which sought to better align its work in the light of emerging issues, particularly climate change and water and sanitation. The result was a documented strategic plan for the five year period 2010-2015, which sought to build upon SSLPP's traditional work priorities to include attention to those emerging issues and achieve a more holistic approach to tackling poverty.

In his foreword to the report of that workshop, the SSLPP Board Chairman, Dr C B Chizonda, explained the rationale thus:

"The history of SSLPP in working with smallholder farmers in Malawi reflects the times in which it has worked. In recent years, the development needs of the country have shifted emphasis in ways which affect the potential impacts SSLPP may be able to exert. In recognition of this, SSLPP convened a Strategic Review Workshop in late 2010 with the hope of aligning the institution with current developments as well as giving it greater capacity to meet emerging challenges in tackling rural poverty in Malawi. ... I hope that the path chosen will help SSLPP to better continue in addressing the key challenges in rural development in the country."

One outcome of the review was a recognition that a change of name could better reflect the direction of the organisation. The SSLPP Board met and, after considering several options, settled on the new name "Small Scale Livestock and Livelihoods Program (SSLLP)". The Registrar General has now given authority to the name change under the Trustees Incorporation Act and relevant government authorities and other stakeholders have been informed.

The new name comes with a new logo which reflects the new directions for the organisation. Icons representing the environment (a tree) and water (a simple tap) now stand by side by side with the previous icons representing rural communities (a house) and livestock (a cow, goat and chicken).