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August 2011
SHA Discover Project


August 2011 - SSLPP partners with Self Help Africa on the "Discover Project"

Following several months of preparation and discussions, SSLPP has joined with Self Help Africa in a partnership to deliver the livestock components of a project known as the Discover Project.


Solutions with
Communities to
Vulnerability through

This is a large and diverse project which is funded by DFID over a period of five years. It is designed to increase resilience of 298,500 people in 5 districts and 17 Traditional Authorities (TAs) to climate change vulnerability. The total cost of the project will be GBP 8.7 million.

Implementation will be under the stewardship of a consortium of NGOs whose members will be responsible for implementation in those districts where they already have a strong track record and good relationships with District Authorities and communities:

SSLPP is pleased to have been chosen to deliver the livestock components of the project in Karonga where it will be working to enhance the ability of rural smallholders to withstand shocks associated with climate change through livestock interventions.