How it works -- Supply a goat

  1. You pay by direct transfer to our bank account.
  2. You can even make this out as a gift from a friend - why not let them know they are now the proud donor of a goat! To do this, just give us their name and email address and we'll let them and you know what transpires.
    (And don't worry, we will never share an email address or any other information you provide, with other people. See our privacy policy.)
  3. We receive your order, and confirm with you that payment has been received.
  4. We find a needy family in one of our project areas. Not just anywhere, but in a place where we already have one of our extension officers within reach for training and support. And we'll make sure the selected person has the wherewithal to look after the animal once it arrives. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will give a higher priority to women - they get the tougher end of life here in Malawi and we already know they generally do a great job of keeping livestock.
  5. We train the recipient farmer in housing, feeding, breeding and diseases of goats.
  6. The recipient constructs a suitable goat house to our tried and tested specifications, using cheap local building materials.
  7. Using your donation, we purchase a young female local goat from a better off farmer who has good quality goats for sale. Purchase of live animals is fraught with risks from less scrupulous operators but don't worry, we've done it before and we know how to avoid the common pitfalls.
  8. We organise transport of the breeder goat to the recipient's farm.
  9. When the goat is in its new home, we write and let you know who it has gone to and where.