How it works -- Train a community based animal health worker

  1. You pay by direct transfer to our bank account.
  2. You can even make this out as a gift from a friend - why not let them know they can now take pride in having trained and equipped a village livestock assistant! To do this, just give us their name and email address and we'll let them and you know what transpires.
    (And don't worry, we will never share an email address or any other information you provide, with other people. See our privacy policy.)
  3. We receive your order, and confirm with you that payment has been received.
  4. We identify a target village where a community animal health worker is desirable. We consult with the local community on selection of a suitable individual. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will give a higher priority to women candidates - they get the tougher end of life here in Malawi and we already know they generally do a great job of keeping livestock.
  5. We train the candidate using training modules which we have developed specifically tailored for the local Malawian environment. These modules cover housing, feeding, breeding and diseases for all common classes of livestock. Training typically takes 10 days and is intensive, so we normally slot the candidate into one of our existing training programs.
  6. Your donation will help us to cover all the costs of training this person as well as equipping them with a drug box, training materials, equipment and a bicycle for transport so they can reach farmers in their area.
  7. When all is in place, we write and let you know who has been trained and where he or she is located.