How it works -- Allocate an improved Boer goat buck

  1. You pay by direct transfer to our bank account.
  2. You can even make this out as a gift from a friend - why not let them know they can now take pride in having provided a Boer breed goat buck for improvement of the genetic quality of goats for a whole village! To do this, just give us their name and email address and we'll let them and you know what transpires.
    (And don't worry, we will never share an email address or any other information you provide, with other people. See our privacy policy.)
  3. We receive your order, and confirm with you that payment has been received.
  4. We identify a target village where goat owners exist and want to improve the genetic quality of their flocks. We consult with the local community and leaders to make sure everyone agrees to introduce and use the new buck. If all agree, we get them to remove existing bucks from their flocks so that progeny are Boer crosses. We procure a Boer buck from existing farmers who have excess goats for sale. We supply that buck to the target community for breeding with their local nanny goats. In a short time, kids with the typically white and brown markings and solid bodies start dropping.
  5. We train the farmers on the need to look after the new buck and make sure he is put to good use. We also give them training on general aspects of goat keeping using our existing training packages.
  6. Your donation will help us to cover all the costs of purchase and transport of the buck as well as training the village group. We will ensure the location is within reach or one of our own extension workers so that we can monitor progress.
  7. When all is in place, we write and let you know who has received the Boer goat and where they are located.