small_p1020469.jpg - Kids feed their dairy cow at Ntchisi

Get involved!

Although SSLLP is not a donor agency, a lot of donor funds pass through its hands in order to implement and manage programs endorsed by those donors. SSLLP depends on such support from a wide range of donors, both internal and external, through financial inputs or 'in kind' support. Without that input, SSLLP would not be able to do its work.

Well organised Malawian communities can be involved in livestock activities by simply approaching SSLLP and sharing their visions and objectives. SSLLP may well be able to help, at least 'in kind', by drawing upon its experiences elsewhere. Additionally, sharing of ideas may lead to opportunities which are accessible only through a joint approach.

Individuals and institutions who wish to assist the poor in Malawi may well see an opportunity for SSLLP to deliver that assistance. SSLLP has accumulated significant corporate knowledge of how best to deliver assistance with livestock activities, how best to engage with the various stakeholders and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Please do not be shy. Even small groups have worked through SSLLP in the past to get a large amount done - the combination of their bona fides and SSLLP's record of achievements has been such as to leverage funding from third party donors. If you think you might fill that bill, do please contact us.