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Training Notes for Community Animal Health Workers - a field manual

The publication of this field manual has been a significant achievement for SSLLP. The manual is available as a hard copy booklet from SSLLP. (To purchase hard copies, please contact us). In addition, SSLLP has made this information freely available in electronic form. The entire manual can be downloaded here, chapter by chapter.

Each module in this series forms the basic information required for training of community animal health workers selected by and based within their respective communities. The field manual is based on practical local knowledge with assistance from government departments, FAO and academic institutions. It has already been widely used as the basis of training programs for some 600 community animal health workers. Its publication has been made possible through the generous assistance of the Flemish International Cooperation Agency (FICA).

Modules available include:

Foreword and acknowledgements Download
(PDF 140 kB)
(PDF 140 kB)
Animals and communities
(includes rabies)
(PDF 232 kB)
(PDF 238 kB)
The animal body Download
(PDF 137 kB)
(PDF 139 kB)
Village poultry Download
(PDF 1.3 MB)
(PDF 1.3 MB)
Newcastle disease vaccination
(using the I-2 ND vaccine)
(PDF 283 kB)
(PDF 286 kB)
Rabbits Download
(PDF 1.1 MB)
(PDF 1.1 MB)
Goats and sheep Download
(PDF 757 kB)
(PDF 527 kB)
Pig production Download
(PDF 445 kB)
(PDF 458 kB)
Dairy cattle Download
(PDF 1.3 MB)
(PDF 1.3 MB)
Medicines for animals Download
(PDF 258 kB)
(PDF 271 kB)
Instruments for animals Download
(PDF 108 kB)
(PDF 113 kB)
Various documents on Newcastle disease vaccination

Newcastle disease is widely cited as the single biggest impediment to production of village chickens in Malawi. SSLLP is a leader in Newcastle disease vaccination and has published here its modus operandi and policies. The document clarifies such things as the roles and responsibilities of different players in the vaccination programs and also gives some guidance on policies as regards charging for vaccination.

SSLLP has also prepared a product brochure on the I-2 strain of ND vaccine for the guidance of community based vaccinators as well as reports on its recent Newcastle disease vaccination campaigns.

button_dl_alpha.png SSLLP policy for Newcastle disease vaccination (PDF 124 kB)
button_dl_alpha.png Product brochure on the I-2 strain of ND vaccine (PDF 118 kB)
button_dl_alpha.png Product brochure on the I-2 strain of ND vaccine (Chichewa - PDF 118 kB)
button_dl_alpha.png End of project evaluation - Malingunde NDV project (PDF 135 kB)
button_dl_alpha.png March 2012 campaign summary (PDF 115 kB)
button_dl_alpha.png July 2012 campaign summary (PDF 116 kB)
Investigating and reporting on animal disease outbreaks

Reporting of animal disease incidents is often inadequate. Basic information is often missing from initial reports. This document is a brief guideline designed to assist extension officers in reporting on any animal disease outbreaks they may come across. It consists of brief notes for the guidance of extension officers plus a reporting form which has been designed to provide relevant information which would assist government animal health services to decide on a suitable response.

button_dl_alpha.png Reporting guidelines - Disease outbreaks (PDF 100 kB)
Community animal health worker reporting form on an animal health problem

This is a simple one-page form which can be completed by a community animal health worker to relay information about any problem with the health of animals in his/her community. It is available in both English and Chichewa. The completed form should be forwarded to the local extension officer.

button_dl_alpha.png CAHW report form - English version (PDF 53 kB)
button_dl_alpha.png CAHW report form - Chichewa version (PDF 74 kB)
Criteria for selection of Community Animal Health Workers

A one-page guide for use by field staff and community leaders on the sort of criteria which should be adopted for the selection of community animal health workers or similar community based assistants. The guide has been adapted using many sources and although short and simple, it reflects the wisdom and experience of several different institutions.

button_dl_alpha.png Selection criteria for CAHWs (PDF 80 kB)
Nutritional values for some representative livestock feedstuffs in Malawi

The preparation of rations for use under Malawi conditions is made difficult by the lack of ready information on the nutritional value of many of the common ingredients. This document attempts to summarise basic nutritional information for a range of locally available ingredients for assistance in ration formulation for livestock.

button_dl_alpha.png Nutritional values livestock feeds (PDF 80 kB)
Livestock census for Malawi 2008-2011

This is a simple spreadsheet in MS Excel format providing some census data for Malawi. This data has been collected by the Government of Malawi. The source and means of collating the data is not known. SSLLP does not have any information on this, nor on the accuracy of the data.

button_dl_alpha.png Livestock census Malawi 2008-2011 (XLS 66 kB)
Ziweto za Thanzi - Healthy livestock

This booklet was written some time back by the Livestock Disease Evaluation Unit (LDEU) based within the Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development. It was translated into Chichewa by SSLLP. It covers the main diseases of the major livestock species and is aimed at extension officers and lead farmers.

button_dl_alpha.png Ziweto za Thanzi - (PDF 2.8 MB)
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