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Crop Livestock diversification and integration in Malawi

CLIM2 Project (FIDPII)
Improving farmers’ access to resources, technologies, information and markets by characterising and strengthening crop and livestock value chains in Southern Malawi

Farm income growth and nutrition improvement through farm diversification by stimulating agrifood value chains Kuroiler chicken breed released, more eggs, meat and manure available, at reduced feed costs Goat auction sales and local butcheries enhance quality meat supply Micro-dairy processing reduces milk wastage and provides precious protein locally

Food and feed processing and rations reduce livestock production costs

Work with the entire agri-food system and actors, building capacity, interaction and collaboration through farmers and SMEs – work beyond the farm level The process of intervening in multiple value chains creates multiplier effects – capacity, innovation, benefits for more farmers than single interventions directly supporting farmers.

Cross-scale policy dialogue to support farm and value chain integration – address gaps and opportunities in the process, sustainability of the action Crop Livestock diversification and integration in Malawi

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