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Chiukepo Luhanga Training Coordinator
chiukeposmall.jpg - Chiukepo Luhanga

Chiukepo joined SSLLP in March 2009.

Chiukepo graduated from Bunda College in 2003 with a Bachelors degree in Agriculture Extension and Rural Development. He served in the Ministry of Agriculture firstly as Agribusiness Development Officer and later Extension Methodologies and Systems Officer. He was coordinator for the small livestock elements of a multi-sector Rural Income Enhancement Project funded by the African Development Bank. His experience in government services included the Lower Shire and Thyolo District.

Chiukepo's career and interests have centred on training and capacity building, community empowerment, group development, business enterprise development, community based natural resources management, participatory methodologies, gender and HIV/AIDS mainstreaming. His personal goals in joining SSLLP are to use his existing knowledge and expertise not only to attain the best results possible but also to learn and achieve.

Contact: Cell: +265-888-366 714