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Who Are We?

SSLLP is a local Research and Development Non-profit Non-Governmental Organization established in October, 1996.

It is a local non-government organization that provides poor families with the means to combat their poverty in a sustainable and long-term manner. It does this by providing them with various types of livestock, most notably dairy cows but also goats, pigs, chickens, fish and honeybees. Additionally, SSLLP ensures that infrastructure exists in the form of training, extension services, water and sanitation, and community development, to ensure enduring benefits. By using established methods and its considerable experience and local knowledge, SSLLP solicits outside funding to assist in its endeavours. 

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It attempts to spread the benefits through a time-honoured system where primary recipients distribute the first breeding offspring to secondary recipients. We call this “Passing on the Gift”.

SSLLP has a Board of Directors and its program is implemented by a team with appropriate technical, financial and administrative expertise. The Executive Director is responsible for overall management with support from the Head of Programs, the Financial Controller and other technical experts in monitoring and evaluation, training, and livestock health respectively. At the ground level, SSLLP has a team of field officers based at strategic locations throughout Malawi to manage its projects. SSLLP can deliver animal production and animal health services to small scale farmers in Malawi. It can also provide training in animal health and production and has access to related disciplines such as water and sanitation and climate change. 



SSLLP can also provide expertise in the procurement, quarantine and distribution of livestock in Malawi. It can also supply high quality dairy cattle semen for breeding.

SSLLP’s experience and position in Malawi is virtually unique. It has been working (and growing) in Malawi since the mid 1990s. Today, it is one of the few local NGOs dealing exclusively with livestock. It works with local communities either directly or through partner institutions whose work spans other aspects of community and economic development.

Its experience includes provision of animals to smallholder farmers together with establishment and support for the infrastructural necessities to ensure successful and sustainable outcomes. Those necessities include training of community members and groups; basic technical training of community based individuals; establishment of trained extension staff; early engagement, liaison and collaboration with government extension services; and detailed monitoring and evaluation of progress and outcomes.

Our Policies

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Our Team

Kalimalwayo Mwakasungula

Executive Director

Rehema, Mtawali-Mallewa

Head of Development Programs/ Program Manager – WASH


Mwawi, Mkandawire

Head of Finance and Administration


Vitumbiko Mnyenyembe

Finance and Administration Officer


Joseph Bota

Program Manager – Microfinance


Rodrick Masebo

Program Manager – Crop, Livestock and Aquaculture


Terence, Yesaya

Program Manager – Climate Adaptation and Resilience


Wanangwa Kondowe

ICT Officer


Tiyana Phiri

Food Security and Livelihood Coordinator


Atupele Ngwira

Administrative Assistant


Patrick Kachikho

Administrative Assistant


Josphate Ndatah

Administrative Assistant