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A local Research and Development Non-profit Non-Governmental Organization established in October, 1996.


Small Scale Livestock and Livelihoods Program (SSLLP) is a local Research and Development Non-profit Non-Governmental Organization established in October, 1996. SSLLP was established by a group of Malawian professionals in the development sector. SSLLP is incorporated under the Trustees Incorporation Act 1962 and under the NGO Board Act 2000 in the Republic of Malawi.


Our Services

What We Offer

we are dedicated to fostering holistic development and progress in various domains. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we specialize in a range of services that contribute to the well-being of communities and the sustainable growth of industries.


Institutional Development

Enhancing organizational structures and capacities for improved efficiency and effectiveness.


Crop, Livestock and Aquaculture Development

Cultivating crops using methods that preserve...



Financial Services and Inclusion

The development and commercialization of agriculture requires financial services


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Providing clean water and sanitary solutions to ensure public health and hygiene.


Our Driving Forces

What Moves SSLLP


Our Vision

The vision for SSLLP is sustainable livelihoods for the poor.

Our Mission

The mission of SSLLP is empowering resource poor and vulnerable families, through interventions targeting poverty reduction, food and nutrition security, and environmental sustainability

Our Core Values

Respect for and empowerment of beneficiaries


Competency & efficiency in executing assignments

Integrity and Independence



Recognition and respect for other stakeholders in rural developments

Transparency and accountability




To solve the most pressing problems facing rural farmers, SSLLP acts as a bridge between farmers and the key resources needed to change their situation. SSLLP is responsible for establishing relationships with similar minded organizations; foundations; local and national government; research institutes and donors to support rural livelihoods across Malawi.

SSLLP has a team of 12 professionals in the fields of agriculture, business, finance, WASH, climate action, technology and financial inclusion. The team is very youthful and a breast with key national and global issues pertinent to the ability to deliver our mission. Forty per cent of its team is young women with promising careers now and into the future.

As part of its strategic focus, five themes were identified on which the program will concentrate in the next five years, to best use resources to achieve the vision of the organization. The key priority issues identified are; Institutional Development, Crop-Livestock development, Water and sanitation, Climate Change Adaptation, Microfinance and ICT for Agriculture Development. SSLLP is pleased to provide this Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years (FY) 2021 to 2025, which sets forth the SSLLP Board of Trustees and Executive Committee’s vision and direction for the organization in the coming years.

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