Mr. S.C.Mwakusungula
Executive Director

A full-time employ serves as Executive Director (ED), reporting to the Board of Directors, is responsible for working closely with the Board Chair and the Board of Directors to fulfill its governance function. The ED is ultimately responsible for the operation of all programs, the management of fiscal and material resources, the supervision of all staff, and for overseeing the delivery of SSLLP products and services to the intended beneficiaries. His main role includes providing strategic direction in implementation of the organization’s activities as well as to act as the secretary to the board of directors.

Mr. Sute Charles Mwakasungula is the Executive Director of Small Scale Livestock Promotion Program. He has worked for the institution in this position for the past twenty one years. Mr. Mwakasungula has a Master of Science in Animal Husbandry obtained in 1984 in Moscow, Russia. He also holds a Master’s of Science degree in Strategic Management from the University of Derby. Apart from this he also has an Advanced Diploma in Tropical Agriculture Extension from Edinburgh University in Scotland. Mr. S Mwakasungula has vast experience of over 30 years in project management, livestock husbandry, extension and rural development. He previously worked as Extension Advisor for Swiss supported Dairy Project in Southern Tanzania. His other areas of expertise include: cooperative/association development and natural resources management.