Steria Naphiri aged 71 is one of the ten people who received the original high grade dairy cattle in February, 2003.Steria was a business woman before the animals were given to her, for a living she sold fish and beans and when the dairy cattle were given to her she stopped selling beans and fish and concentrated on the
milk business. In 2005 Steria lost her daughter and this daughter left behind two Children that Steria had to take care of, the first child was a boy and in standard 8 while the second child was a girl, she was young and had been diagnosed with HIV. Steria gets up to 20 liters of milk a day and sells it at K195 per liter and she makes up K4000 in a day.
The money she got from selling milk from the dairy cattle that SSLLP gave her is what helped her break through from the problems that she had. Steria educated her grandchildren with money made from selling milk, her male grandson is now a policeman and her granddaughter is now in form two

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