In the year 2003, ten dairy farmers received original dairy cattle straight from Ireland. The strength of this project was in the idea of passing on the heifers from one beneficiary who received the animal to another. After fourteen years of the projects implementation, one might tend to wonder if the project has addressed the problems that the dairy farmers where facing before receiving the cattle.

This article has all the answers to this question and more, read on to learn about how the dairy farmers have been thriving in the dairy business and if it has yielded fruitful results.

some questions to ask yourself

  1. What was the dairy farmer’s life like before receiving the animal?
  2. How have the dairy cattle improved the farmer’s livelihood and living standards?
  3. Is the farmer still benefiting from the dairy business or the cattle?
  4. What challenges do the farmers face in dairy farming?

The project has been beneficial because for fourteen years both original and pass on beneficiaries are still reaping the rewards of dairy farming. The cattle have been beneficial through the milk they provide, some is sold while some is used by the household for consumption. The bulls that are born from the cows and the aged cows are usually sold by the farmers and these bring in a great deal of cash. The cattle have also been a source of manure which has been used by the farmers as a natural fertilizer, the animal urine has also been used as an insecticide which in turn leads to the improved production of plants. Before the project was implemented SSLLP made sure that the farmers that would benefit from the project were properly educated on how best they hybrid cattle could be taken care of and kept to avoid diseases. The farmers that received these cattle in Likuni area also have a creamery near by where they sell their milk in bulk.


Emma Shilling aged 50 was widowed in 2010 thus lost support financially and physically too because her husband was the main bread winner before he died. Issues took a positive turn when she benefited from the SSLLP dairy project through a pass on technique that the organization and its partner Bothar had put in place before the project began. Emma Shilling was passed on a heifer from one of the beneficiaries who received the original airy cow and this was the begging of dairy farming for Emma Shilling. Emma uses the manure from the cattle to fertilize her garden to boost crop yields. In general these dairy cattle are the households source of income, manure and food. Emma shillings managed to pass on a heifer to Mrs. Mtalimanja, and she iss also reaping the benefits of dairy farming.


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