Bothar is a charity organization that works through local community groups that vary immensely in size and form. Bothar has worked with SSLLP since the beginning of the organization which is in 1996, Bothar has worked with SSLLP on the implementation of livestock resilience projects were hybrid dairy cows and  goats were donated directly from Ireland to Malawi and SSLLP faithfully implemented these projects on a number of occasions. The livestock resilience project also supported 2000 poor families through training which equipped them to implement more resilient livestock farming systems and ultimately reduce their vulnerability.

Patty Abozaglo  Bothar’s project manager for the first time visited Malawi (SSLLP) where she had a chance to meet some of the beneficiaries of the animals that were donated by Bothar since 2003, Patty also went as far as Karonga to go and see how beneficiaries of the cassava cuttings that were distributed by SSLLP to households that have been affected by climate change through floods and drought were doing. Patty also visited SSLLP headquarters in Lilongwe where she had a chat with the SSLLP team sharing the history of Bothar, the beautiful partnership between Bothar and SSLLP  and how best we can maintain it.


Patty and the SSLLP team

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